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Videogyan –as the name suggests, it's about learning through media (as "Gyan" means knowledge in Sanskrit). 


We are:

  • An IP-based new-age media studio producing kids' content,

  • Animated videos such as nursery rhymes & cartoon shows.

We create high-quality 2D and CG animated content to make learning fun and enjoyable for children. Baby Ronnie, Zool Babies, TooToo Boy & Demu Gola are some of our most popular characters loved by kids worldwide.

We make our videos easy to access and watch across multiple platforms and devices. Apart from animations, we develop amazing kid-friendly apps and games and distribute them across mobile, web, and television platforms.

Staying relevant to the times and technology and holding a wide-open ear to listen to our audience are some of the mantras chanted at Videogyan. Bringing smiles to the little faces motivates us daily to create wholesome, nutritious content that educates, engages, and entertains.

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